Wednesday, February 2, 2011

353A:Intro and Concept1

I am currently enrolled in in Art 353A, a 2-part animation class where we create and produce a 60-90 second animated film. These last posts are 5 concepts for what will be the film I work on all through 2011 to December. Picking a concept will be a critical decision, so anyone's most honest critique would be great. Please help me out!!!!!

Concept 1 is Rabid Child and Culy Bat cross a vending machine, they see something they want. Rabid pulls out a coin, drops it, they then try to get the snack in other ways- even trying to destroy the machine. In the end they make all the snacks in the machine fall out.
The colored illustrations give you an idea of their relationship and who these characters are. Essentially they are like little kids looking for fun.


Angie said...

This concept is definitely your most thought out, I can tell you know these characters very well and that you like this concept. I think the Kitty and Leaf one has the potential for the most emotion, but I say go with the one that you know the best. I think that you'll be able to animate the scene better if you're very acquainted with the characters' personalities.

Critique-wise I would have to say that you could add a bit of ironic humor to the story? Maybe something like they buy the item that they want, but it gets stuck in the metal spiral. The viewer then sides with the characters and doesn't think it's wrong if they vandalize the machine because they bought the item, so it's unfair that they didn't receive it. XD Then perhaps when all the stuff falls out, the only thing in the machine was the item they bought, still stuck in the spiral. They're rewarded but not at the same time.

Just some suggestions of course, but I so think you should stick with the vending machine story. I hope you update this blog with your progress throughout the project! I'd certainly be interested to see how it develops. 8D


Chester said...

i vote for this one or the simba and the leaf one :3

i'm not biased or anything >_> i swear <_<

Anonymous said...

This one seems to be my favorite. It's simple, cute, and should be easy to stay within the time limit. Also, the characters are easy to love. Also, there would be less confusion, because you wouldn't have to switch from scene to scene to scene again, but could easily keep it to the one location.

I agree with Beany on the critque! It would
certainly add a nice twist to the story! :)

So my votes for this one. I likes it aloooooot.