Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cartooning & Caricature Projects

Here are the 2 projects I've done so far for my Cartooning and Caricature with professor Kim Dwinell. She's an excellent and enthusiastic teacher, I always look forward to this class. The first project was to make an inanimate object into a character- I was assigned a shovel. The next assignment was to make an animal character in which I had "Grandpa Cheetah". Enjoy!

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Dannilicious said...

I'd love to take that class with her! I met her during her Surfside Girls show - she seems so informative. I also saw her profile on IMDB (at least, I hope that's her - that'd be a crazy coincidence!). That's a pretty impressive repertoire!

Gushing about Dwinell aside, Dusty looks like he leapt right out of The Brave Little Toaster. Atacama looks fantastic! If you were to silhouette him with the other Grandpa cheetahs, I'd recognize him right away. You maintained the details and the turn beautifully.