Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Art353A: Concept 2

Toby is a bully and troublemaker who runs away from home into the wilderness, then bumps into a friendly yellow creature named Vinny. They become friends and Vinny teaches Toby to be a better person after he is attacked by nasty hairy monsters called Ingurgipeds.


Sam Williams said...

I really love the change in Toby from the 2nd sketch to the one where the Ingurgipeds are attacking Vinny. Vinny's design is awesome to, just love him to death xD I would love to see more of this and the cat story <3

Anonymous said...

Bah, I love Vinny! But I think it would be a shame to have to skim the story down so much into the short period of time that the animation has to be. It seems like it would need atleast thirty minutes to develop the characters, and situation, and such convincingly.

(I still totally think this should be done at some time though...)