Thursday, April 27, 2017

Terms of Service for Commissions

Thank you for choosing Pantigni to create some artwork for you! I'm grateful for the privilege of being a freelance
artist for a living, and aim to create quality art with the best of my ability.

Please read through my Terms of Service before purchasing a commission. Once you make a payment for your commission,
it will be assumed you agreed to these terms. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!


-I do not always take orders on a first come, first serve basis.
-I retain copyright to the artwork, and may use it for advertising or portfolio purposes.
-Please credit me when publishing your commissioned piece to your website, social media, etc.
-Please do not redistribute my artwork for profit.


-I can draw just about anything, humans included!

-I have a few exceptions, all but not limited to:
-Anything hateful
-Excessive gore and violence (Mild blood is ok)

- Automobiles, Mechanical, Weaponry, (OverWatch Characters for example) may cost extra
If you have any questions about the content you would like, please feel free to ask me!

Pricing and Payment:

-Prices are subject to change.
-Payment made upfront, I start working upon payment.
-(Like stated above) Once you have paid, you have agreed to this Terms of Service

Refunds and Cancellation:
- If client chooses to cancel a commission, I will refund based on how much work was already done.

Process and Turnaround:

My general process for creating commissioned artwork is as follows:
-Client provides a list or description of what they would like, and references of the subject.
-Upon payment, I create rough sketch concept(s) for the client to
 look through and request any changes they would like made.
-The client reviews the sketch passes then approves for coloring. Some clients will be given
a color test to approve, depending on the clarity of the references they have provided.
-Client reviews finished product, and requests any reasonable changes needed
-Turnaround time varies depending on the size of the commission (especially with stickers). On average, client may receive
their finished artwork anywhere between 15 days to 10 weeks. Please discuss with me if you have a deadline.
- My Trello is updated regularly, so clients may check the status of their commission. Clients who order stickers are
given a dropbox link that they can check to see colored stickers as well.
-I aim to communicate progress consistently every 7-10 days


-For stickers, client may change any of the ideas they wanted before the sketching process begins
-For stickers, after the sketching process: client may request to change a sticker idea for 1 sticker
out of every 10 they ordered.
-For Revisions, client is entitled to 3 passes in sketch phase, 2 passes in final. Any more revisions
beyond that point may be subject to extra charge.
- Client may come back to for a small change up to 3 months (90 Days) after final artwork has been approved.


-If you have any questions or concerns about your commission throughout the commissioning process, please contact me!

-I typically respond to messages the day I receive them, Monday through Friday 10:00 AM-7:00 PM

My goal is to give you the best customer service that I can reasonably provide, and always being transparent and honest with you. I appreciate your business!