Saturday, December 17, 2011

353B is Done

Here is my 353B film finally! It has been a challenging semester for me, but extremely rewarding. I learned so much, and am excited keep improving. Both as an artist and a person. Anyways, there were a lot of changes the story went through during production that threw off my schedule completely. However, there were some flaws that needed to be fixed. I decided to end the class project at where the cupcakes get stuck in the machine and the characters are in disbelief. This is sort of a short ending for now. I intend to complete the story with Rabid and Culy fighting back at the machine and an end result.

Thank you everyone for your support!


Christina M. said...

Will they ever get their cupcakes hehe

Angie said...

Very awesome! The OMG CUPCAKES made me chuckle. XD Both characters were really likable and I love the interaction they have. :3

Anonymous said...

Ha, nice. I like the paneling in on the first half a lot.
I just love the fact that there is actually -character- within your characters! They're very entertaining to watch, and bob around as they do. Gaaawsh, it'd be so cool if Doomsville became an actual cartoon one day.

Matt said...

Hey Leigha, it's Matt -- the dude you sketched at school. This short was awesome! Those poor critters, though... they need nourishment. Clever title, too. Take care!