Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Art353A: Concept 4

Working title "Tabby Oaks". A leaf with a face falls into a yard with a cat. They become playmates until the leaf gets tragically crushed. The cat mourns his leafy friend's death, but soon finds the leaf grows back into a tree. (I understand this is highly illogical, so will need some reworking :])


Sam Williams said...

This is a really touching concept, Leigha! I love the story, and the sketches are lovely! The first and third sketches are my favorites! The city scape in the first one is just amazing! It sorta looks Italian to me, like the set up in Madeline :) I love how the cat looks in the top left of the third one! The kissy faces are soooooo cute x'D Amazing work over all <33333

Anonymous said...

This is my first choice of your concepts as it is another one that hits very close to home, as everyone has lost someone. The character concepts that you have though out thus far, are intriguing in their dynamics. Though, as you stated, the whole leaf turning into a tree is an odd concept the idea itself is really touching.

Anonymous said...

I think it's cute, and a bit more unique!

As for the leaf to tree thing...maybe just add a small acorn onto the leaf's steam? Or something to the liking.